SuperTrak GEN3™

Specs, Components & Configurations

Built for the needs of today’s manufacturers.

The SuperTrak GEN3™ platform provides machine builders with a number of features to enable high performance automation with less risk.

Powered by linear servo motor technology, SuperTrak GEN3™ allows independent shuttle control with fast and precise motion, providing automation designers with an incredible amount of flexibility to increase productivity and minimize space.

SuperTrak GEN3™ Data Sheet

Straight Section


180° Section

500mm Diameter

800mm Diameter

90° Section

600mm Radius

Product Fixture Width

152 up to 600mm

Maximum Speed

4 m/s


1G with 10 kg payload*

4G with 1 kg payload*


10+ kg per shuttle

Process on Curve

Full control

Shuttle Options

Standard shuttle configuration with 2 or 3 magnet array options


*Higher payloads and other protocols possible. Speak to a member of the SuperTrak Team for more info.

SuperTrak GEN3™ Components

Maximizing the functionality of your factory automation in the minimum amount of space is essential for today’s manufacturers and their industrial automation processes. The different configurations provide the flexibility for tooling to be mounted on the inside, outside, overtop, or underneath.

90° Section

180° Section (500mm Diameter)

Low profile E-Turn

Low Profile 180° Section (500mm Diameter)

180° Section (800mm Diameter)

Straight Section

Narrow Straight Section

Low Profile Straight Section

SuperTrak GEN 3 - 1200mm

SuperTrak GEN3™ – 90° Configuration

The new 90° configuration offers the same floor saving space as a servo or indexing dial. The 90° curved sections allow for even more configuration options such as a squared circle or rectangle. When using this configuration, the system can grow in both length and width. Two 90° sections back to back allow for a system that is 1200mm wide. Manufacturers can fit even more tooling on the inside to minimize system footprint.

SuperTrak GEN3 800mm configuration

SuperTrak GEN3™ – 800mm Configuration

Additional space on the inside of the conveyance platform allows manufacturers many options to mount tooling on the inside. This helps minimize the amount of space your factory automation requires on the factory floor.

SuperTrak GEN3 800mm configuration
SuperTrak GEN3 500mm configuration

SuperTrak GEN3™ – 500mm Configuration

Offers manufacturers options to mount tooling on the outside of the conveyance platform.

Modular Automation

Flexible Configurations

Being able to easily scale your business is essential for the success of today’s manufacturers. The flexible nature of the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform allows manufacturers to expand your systems by easily adding additional modular sections as your business grows and as products change. Easily reconfigure the functionality of the conveyance platform as business requirements change.

Your team of engineers and designers can quickly scale system programming for additional stations and processes utilizing target routing within our TrakMaster™ software. All of this high-performance capability is achieved with less effort because of the amount of integrated functionality that’s packed into the platform. Scalability is essential for the success of your business.

Modular Automation

SuperTrak GEN3™ – Horizontal

Best suited for applications where Smart Conveyance is an effective solution.

With a 10+kg weight capacity for each shuttle, the platform’s independent shuttle control, speed, and precision delivers high performance capability with less engineering by utilizing the amount of integrated functionality packed in the platform.

Popular across industries including, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive and consumer products.

SuperTrak GEN3™ – Vertical (Over/Under)

Best suited for manufacturing processes with a one-directional part flow. The over/under configuration has a slightly lower weight capacity of 4kg per shuttle on curves but maintains the 10kg capacity on straights. Utilized in applications where floor space is at a premium, the over/under configuration has seen much success in automotive battery assembly and packaging applications.

Download SuperTrak GEN3™ Design Package

Start designing your system with SuperTrak GEN3™ to discover the benefits of Smart Conveyance.

By thinking of your conveyance early in the design phase, you can fundamentally change the way you build your system, reducing complexities and creating high-performance automation with less risk.


SuperTrak GEN3™ Brochure

The SuperTrak GEN3™ conveyance platform enables the development of world leading automation for the most demanding applications.

Engineers Guide to Smart Conveyance

Automation can be complex. Smart Conveyance doesn’t have to be. Download the Engineers Guide to see how Smart Conveyance can bring significant benefits to automation design and performance.

Case Study: Creating Highly Flexible Automation

The Larisys Group learned about SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ several years ago and saw the technology as disruptive because of its speed, precision, compact design, and its ability to be easily reconfigurable.