Automation can be complex. Smart Conveyance doesn’t have to be.

Download the Engineer’s Guide to Smart Conveyance.

Designing High Performance Automation with Less Risk

Smart Conveyance can bring significant benefits to automation design and performance.

This guide will walk you through the process of:

  • Identifying key project requirements
  • The right kinds of applications for Smart Conveyance
  • Configuration options
  • Conceptualization and simulations of your system
  • How to take advantage of key features in design and integration

What You Can Expect from This Guide:

  • Simulation and conceptualization tips and tricks
  • How to optimize your station design
  • Tips for project risk reduction
  •  And much more

Build Better Automation with SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™

A focus on conveyance as a foundation, transforms the way an automation system is built.

We believe that offering a solution with an unmatched combination of powerful features, configured with intuitive and user friendly software tools, helps you to build better automation. And we want to show you how.