SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ is a high-performance magnetic conveyance platform designed for the automation of demanding compact assembly processes.

SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ systems can carry up to 10kg per shuttle on top of the track and are designed to provide better access to the assembled product.

The independent shuttle control of SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ allows machine builders to reduce the size of their assembly machine even more than with horizontal configurations thanks to the expanded product access for both tooling and operators.

SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ is the new standard for compact lean automation and is perfectly suited for cleanroom applications.

Machine builders and manufacturers can design, develop, and deploy complex assembly automation while reducing engineering complexities and risks—all without sacrificing performance. Learn how to leverage this asynchronous magnetic conveyor.

Specifications, Components, & Configurations

Designed to serve compact, precise, and flexible assembly automation, SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ is an asynchronous conveyor available in various system lengths.

Speed – up to 4 m/s

Improved speed and less time spent in motion.

Precision –   +/- 0.01 mm repeatability

Fewer add-ons needed, leading to shorter cycle times.

Independent Shuttle Control

Each shuttle’s properties can be controlled independently.

SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ makes operations more compact and reliable.

SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ has a proven ability to allow machine builders to design more compact industrial automation while still benefiting from its reliability and flexibility.

Machine builders and manufacturers can now design leaner manufacturing automation using this magnetic conveyor.

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Reduce assembly machine cost and size using SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™?

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SuperTrak CONVEYANCE platform applications

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