Unlock the Power of Smart Conveyance

With TrakMaster™ software, high speed and precision are only the beginning.

​TrakMaster™ software is an AGNOSTIC SOFTWARE Suite that Unlocks The power of asynchronous motion

System Simulations

to optimize processes, evaluate performance requirements, and understand energy consumption.​

Diagnostic Tools

for fault handling and recovery, system status, and highlights station metrics (cycle time, shuttle transfer, etc.) for optimization and improved OEE.

Simple Configuration

of the platform’s integrated functionality to remove risk and engineering time by utilizing tested and proven capability.

Integrated Functionality

Take the complexity out of the MOTION

Just tell the shuttles where to go and forget them – the track natively manages the motion and tells you when each shuttle reached its target.

The platform’s integrated functionality removes the barriers inherent to asynchronous motion.

SuperTrak’s controller software can be configured with TrakMaster™ software and/or live with the PLC. Setting motion configurations and targets using TrakMaster™ software synchronizes the release of shuttles with the PLC enables faster implementation and easier diagnostics.



Configuring the destination of each shuttle, at each step of the process.

Position Triggers

Ability to trigger external devices to perform actions on the fly.

Pre-Arrival Notifications

Communicating timing so that tooling is ready to work as soon as the shuttle arrives.


Configuring the destination of each shuttle, at each step of the process.

Interface I/O

Configuring the destination of each shuttle, at each step of the process.


Allow for optimizing the system in a simple fashion, and can easily activate offsets from PLC

AOIs & Function Blocks

High Performance – Simple Control

SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™’s PLC function blocks provide an intuitive interface to control shuttle motion, access data, and set parameters. This removes significant time from programming and integration and allows you to get up and running quickly.

Implement the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform with your PLC of choice.

Discover TrakMaster™ Software

Register for SuperTrak Academy 401 (ST401) to explore the user interface for SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™.​ Learn more about TrakMaster™ software and how it helps:​

optimize system performance through simulations ​

configuration of integrated functionality​​

diagnostic tools offer system optimization ​



Design Asynchronous Automation with System Simulations

Simulations are beneficial for designing efficient conveyance with asynchronous automation.

TrakMaster™ Software – Configuration

TrakMaster™ software is the user interface for SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform high performance automation with less risk.

SuperTrak GEN3™ Design Package

Start designing your system with SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ to discover the benefits of Smart Conveyance.