A high-performance magnetic conveyor for leaner manufacturing automation.

SuperTrak HORIZON10™ systems can carry up to 10kg per shuttle and are designed for ease of integration, use, and maintenance.

The independent shuttle control of SuperTrak HORIZON10™, combined with up to 40m/s² acceleration and +/-0.01mm repeatability, allows machine builders to reduce repetitive tooling and reduce the size of assembly machines.

SuperTrak HORIZON10™ is the new standard for industrial and medical device assembly.

Machine builders and manufacturers can design, develop, and deploy lean assembly automation solutions while reducing engineering complexities and risks—all without sacrificing performance.

Specifications, Components and Configurations

Designed to serve fast, accurate, and scalable lean assembly automation, SuperTrak HORIZON10™ is an asynchronous conveyor available in various system widths and lengths.

Speed – up to 4 m/s

Improved speed and less time spent in motion.

Precision –   +/- 0.01 mm repeatability

Fewer add-ons needed, leading to shorter cycle times.

Independent Shuttle Control

Each shuttle’s properties can be controlled independently.

SuperTrak HORIZON10™ makes operations simpler.

This magnetic conveyor owes its proven reliability to its unique design, including limited moving parts, a mean time to repair shorter than 1 hour, and a shuttle that can be removed or replaced within 60s. Manufacturing automation can now be leaner thanks to SuperTrak HORIZON10™.

Simplify design & integration.

Use the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ integrated functionality to reduce complexity and risks.

Reduce machine size.

Reduce floor space and improve productivity using SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™.

TrakMaster Simulation

Deploy automation faster.

Simplify engineering and get to market faster using SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ products.

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