Case Study: The Larisys Group

Highly Flexible Automation that Decreased Floor Space

The Larisys Group – Case Study

By watching this video, you will better understand the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ system, its capabilities, and how collaboration can lead to innovative solutions that can benefit the industry. Thank you for watching.

Executive Summary

The Larisys Group learned about SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ several years ago and saw the technology as disruptive because of its speed, precision, compact design, and its ability to be easily reconfigurable. 

When Larisys’ customer approached them needing a fully automated system that was highly flexible, compact, yet still offered high throughput, SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ was the perfect fit. 

Not only was the technology what Larisys needed, but the SuperTrak Team provided the collaborative partnership with Larisys that was required to solve some unique challenges presented by the end user of the automation. 

About the client

The Larisys Group is a full-solution automation integrator that designs and manufactures custom automation and industrial control solutions for different industries such as automotive, energy, medical, and aeronautics. 

With over 30 years’ experience and an 80-person team located in Europe and Africa, the Larisys Group helps their customers optimize their production performance and ergonomics through automation or semi-automation and to increase their level of quality through automatic test-and-control systems. 

The challenges

Larisys’ customer had limited floor space but needed to be able to access the system from both sides. 

The Larisys Group designed a fixture on the shuttle, with nests that can carry parts, and various grippers to handle the product during the assembly process. 

However, to make this system work, significant force was required in the axis of motion to counteract the force required to actuate the grippers and maintain the shuttle in position with perfect precision. 

The Solution

The Larisys Group, together with the SuperTrak Team, designed a 4M long conveyance system using the  SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ Over/Under platform. This configuration ensured that the end-user could always access the shuttles and products from one side while also having access to the feeding systems located on the other side of the system. 

The Larisys Group also wanted to leverage the SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ flexibility in the HMI, so they designed an interface that allows them to control each shuttle position individually at any time. Larisys’ customer really likes this approach because it provides flexibility and direct accessibility to the system. 

To manage the force required for the application in the axis of motion, the SuperTrak Team performed a number of tests. Within 24hrs, the team had found the appropriate gains for force applied in a small region at the station while maintaining shuttle position and accuracy. 

“By integrating SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™, the Larisys Group is now able to offer custom solutions that are more efficient and compact.

We learned a lot working with the SuperTrak team, and we now feel prepared to implement Smart Conveyance in future projects.”

The Results

By using the over/under configuration of the SuperTrak VERTICAL10™ platform, the Larisys Group was able to create a more compact system while maintaining the high levels of performance required by their customer. The Larisys Group estimates that they were able to achieve a 50% reduction in system size compared to if they had used a different form of traditional conveyance. 

By forming a partnership with the SuperTrak team, the Larisys Group is now well equipped to fully utilize Smart Conveyance technologies in future projects. 

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