Simple System Design & Integration

Reduce Engineering Complexity and Risks

Thinking about conveyance early in the design phase of your factory automation fundamentally changes the way you design your system and a faster path to production with simple system design and integration. Conveyance is the foundation of your factory automation and touches practically every component and can help engineers, system designers, integrators, and manufacturers, accomplish high-performance automation with an improved ROI.

When looking at Smart Conveyance, several benefits can be realized, including faster times to market, simplified tooling, reduced floorspace and an overall reduction in engineering hours. Because of a streamlined system design and integration process, at SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™, we get automation systems up and running up to 40% faster than those built on traditional conveyance.

The How:

System Simulations

Creating a simulation of your system early in the design phase can help to optimize processes, evaluate performance requirements, and understand energy consumption.

Simulations are easily created on your own or with our applications engineering team using the platform TrakMaster™ software.

Simulations will demonstrate precisely how an application will perform on the final system. Whether conceiving a new application or adapting to a last-minute change in requirements, this digital twin can evolve with the project and be loaded directly onto the SuperTrak GEN3™ platform anytime. 

Accurate motion simulations early in the design phase remove engineering complexity and allow system designers to optimize design and performance for a better ROI.

Simple Configuration

Simple configuration of the SuperTrak GEN3™ platform’s integrated functionality removes risks and reduces engineering hours associated with complex programming using tested and proven capabilities. SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ systems also have built-in PLC function blocks that provide intuitive interfaces like shuttle motion, access data, and set parameters.

Integrated functionality

The platform’s integrated functionality removes the barriers inherent to asynchronous motion. SuperTrak’s controller software can be configured with TrakMaster™ software and/or live with the PLC. Setting motion configurations and targets using TrakMaster™ software synchronizes the release of shuttles with the PLC enables faster implementation and easier diagnostics.


Configuring the destination of each shuttle, at each step of the process.

Position Triggers

Ability to trigger external devices to perform actions on the fly.

Pre-Arrival Notifications

Communicating timing so that tooling is ready to work as soon as the shuttle arrives.


Configuring the destination of each shuttle, at each step of the process.

Interface I/O

Configuring the destination of each shuttle, at each step of the process.


Allow for optimizing the system in a simple fashion, and can easily activate offsets from PLC

These features all contribute to reduced engineering and integration hours, which automation systems can enter production faster and start realizing ROI sooner.

Multiple Configuration Options

Floorspace, cycle times, and buffer zones are just a few reasons SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ is attractive to machine builders and automation integrators. With multiple SuperTrak GEN3™ configurations available, and simulations to support the design phase, machine builders can configure a system that works within their parameters without opting for a fully custom conveyance solution.

Seamless Installation

Before any SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform leaves our facility, our team of experts thoroughly tests it using the exact configuration created with the machine builders throughout the design phase. Systems are shipped as one complete system, when possible, but when it isn’t, we provide detailed manuals, videos, and training to help support a seamless installation process.

Our primary focus is Smart Conveyance, and our team of engineers and machine builders understand the challenges associated with automation design and implementation. Our goal is to support our customers every step of the way, whether through e-learning, guided videos, or hands-on in-person support.

Download SuperTrak GEN3™ Design Package

Start designing your system with SuperTrak GEN3™ to discover the benefits of Smart Conveyance.

By thinking of your conveyance early in the design phase, you can fundamentally change the way you build your system, reducing complexities and creating high-performance automation with less risk.


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