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Unlock the potential of SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™

Are you an automation system designer? Are you looking to explore new technologies or become an expert on an existing SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ based system?

SuperTrak™ Academy offers free online beginner courses to help you get started with Smart Conveyance. These courses will guide you through how Smart Conveyance technology can enable better system design and reduce the cost of high-performance automation.

For more advanced customers, a series of in-depth technical training is offered to help you unlock the full potential of SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™. Through a combination of on-site and online self-guided training, system designers will learn how to fully optimize their factory automation using Smart Conveyance as a foundation.

Educational Content Curated by Industry Experts

Training on Smart Conveyance and all things related to SuperTrak GEN3™ delivered to your team how you want it, and when you want it.

Training options

SuperTrak™ Academy offers multiple learning tracks, each designed to meet the needs of a specific audience. Whether you and your team are looking for self-led online learning material or in-person hands-on experience, there’s a track to meet everyone’s needs.

Key Benefits

Free Online

SuperTrak™ Academy offers three free online courses for those exploring new technologies and looking to learn about the benefits of Smart Conveyance.


Learn at your own speed and discover how Smart Conveyance technology can enable better system design and reduce the cost of high-performance automation. These courses can be accessed at any time from the convenience of your own computer.

Each course takes approximately 30 minutes and can be revisited as many times as needed. These courses are specifically beneficial for those on the fence about whether to invest in Smart Conveyance. Access 3 free courses below.


This self-paced online learning teaches you how SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ can help you build better automation.


The self-learning library outlines how the SuperTrak GEN3™ platform works, how to effectively design automation with it, and how to configure, operate, and maintain your track for optimal performance.

This tier offers unlimited access to the courses for a full year and is beneficial for engineering and operation teams preparing to integrate the SuperTrak GEN3™ platform in their automation.

Online-Learning + Virtual Consultation

A dynamic and interactive virtual learning experience that enhances your proficiency in SuperTrak GEN3™ controls.


This is done. through motion examples and real-life case studies, resulting in a deeper understanding of the subject. In addition to the full library of courses offered in self-learning; this tier also provides you with two four-hour sessions with a SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ team member. The first session will cover how TrakMaster™ software can unlock the full potential of the SuperTrak GEN3™ platform. The second session is a comprehensive overview of PLC integration.

This tier gives you the opportunity to review any questions you may have on configuration, system design, or how to maximize your system’s performance. With our expert guidance, you will gain invaluable insights into how SuperTrak GEN3™ can support your business.

This tier is beneficial for controls engineers in the early phase of integration, and just need a bit of guidance on how to best optimize its performance.

Online + In-person Learning

Indulge in a transformative learning experience with our immersive SuperTrak™ Academy training program. 


This in-depth training offers two streams – one for maintenance professionals, and the other for controls professionals. Each stream’s in-class learning spans 1.5 days and offers hands-on practice to gain a deeper understanding of the technology and how it can optimize your automation system.

Delivered by industry experts, this tier is beneficial for maintenance and control professionals looking for a guided comprehensive walkthrough of how they can optimize factory automation with Smart Conveyance.

Free Courses

ST101 – What is SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ & how does it help me?

Completion Time: 20min. Understand the main concepts behind Smart Conveyance and how SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ unlocks direct user benefits and helps achieve business goals.

ST201 – Concepting with SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ to achieve better system design.

Completion Time: 25min. Learn why conveyance should be considered the foundation of your automation and how SuperTrak functionality can help you achieve your automation goals.

ST401 – Implementing your Smart Conveyance faster.

Completion Time: 15min. Learn more about SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™’s user interface. See how TrakMaster™ software provides configurations, simulations and diagnostics to optimize the performance of your automation.

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