Custom Conveyance

Trying something new?

Facing an automation challenge you’ve met before?

We know that one solution does not fit all applications and sometimes you need a custom conveyor solution.

Do you need to do a complete redesign of your process or do you have the ability to reconfigure existing automation?

Configurable systems can offer the same benefits of custom systems without the risk and uncertainty. SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ enables a multitude of configuration options to meet your application requirements for both footprint and functionality.

Is a Custom Conveyor System Required?

Over the past 20 years, we’ve learned a lot about conveyance and the impact that it can have on an automation system. Often, custom designs are utilized due to the complex requirements of a project. How much floor space is available? What is the cycle time? Do we need buffer zones to ensure all stations are running efficiently? 

Conveyance is usually a secondary consideration to station design. Conveyance is left until the core areas of the machine are already developed but by thinking about conveyance at the start of the project, you can understand how it impacts each station process. You can gain more insight into what needs to be built on top of it.  A custom conveyor may not be required and configuration is always better than customization! 

When you work with the SuperTrak™ team, we review your application requirements and create a simulation of the system, highlighting bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas that could be simplified; providing a means to develop high-performance automation that meets your custom needs with less risk.


Engineers' Guide to Smart Conveyance

Learn more about how you can utilize Smart Conveyance to develop high-performance automation with less risk.
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SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ – Features & Applications

Real-life manufacturing applications highlight how the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform allows engineers and manufacturers the ability to overcome common manufacturing challenges related to factory footprint, scaling, market uncertainty, tight project timelines and re-deployability.

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