Market & Product Uncertainty

Market and Product Uncertainty in Manufacturing

You’re developing a new product, but manufacturing costs and market acceptance are unclear. Will there be demand? Will you need to scale production quickly? Or will you need to redesign the product and pivot?

Whether you are in the early stages of development, currently scaling up production, or at a mature stage; there are always levels of uncertainty. By thinking about conveyance as the foundation of automation, it can be utilized to enable reconfiguration for future business requirements. Utilizing manufacturing equipment over the course of multiple product life cycles, enables more technology adoption and better ROI. 

The three major areas that are affected by uncertainty are:

  1. Product – impacted by changes and tweaks during the design lifecycle 
  2. Process – evolving how a product is produced at different volumes
  3. Forecast – the difficulty in predicting the marketing conditions for the product you are producing.

How SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ Can Help

SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ is a Smart Conveyance platform now in its third generation. The first system was deployed almost 20 years ago and is still in operation today. Customer focus and learning, over those 20 years, have driven its development, allowing manufacturers to be adaptable and remain competitive by providing a means to reconfigure shuttle flow and functionality, scale output capacity, and redeploy for other applications or processes.


Automating Under Uncertainty? We Can Help.

Making the decision to invest in technologies to scale your manufacturing process is a difficult one. Maximizing throughput seems like a no-brainer but in reality, many variables go into the decision matrix.

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