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Smart Conveyance

Achieve high performance capability with less risk and effort by utilizing Smart Conveyance as the foundation of your automation.

Custom Conveyance

Trying something new or facing an automation challenge you’ve met before? We know that one solution does not fit all applications, but a multitude of configuration options enables SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ to meet application requirements for both footprint and functionality.

Decreased Project Timelines

Learn how Smart Conveyance can decrease your time to production and increase the ROI of your automation project.

Factory Layout & Floorplan

Automation requirements specify the footprint that is available on the factory floor. Learn how to maximize functionality in the minimum amount of space.

Market & Product Uncertainty

You want to start manufacturing a product but you don’t know how the market will accept it. Will there be demand? Will you need to scale production quickly? Or will you need to re-design and pivot?

Modular Automation

Utilizing modularity in system design enables easier assembly, scaling, and reconfiguration.




Manufacturing equipment has be available when you need it. Downtime and unplanned maintenance can cause costly delays in production, impacting OEE and the bottom line.

Redeployable Automation

When your product changes or has to be re-designed, can you still utilize the same manufacturing equipment? Smart Conveyance as the foundation enables an easier path to reconfiguration.

Change the Way you Design & Build your Automation

Real-life manufacturing applications highlight how the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform allows engineers and manufacturers the ability to overcome common manufacturing challenges related to factory footprint, scaling, market uncertainty, tight project timelines and redeployability.

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