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SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ is a magnetic conveyance platform that enables building more cost-effective, space saving assembly automation with reduced risk and effort.

Focus on your specific application while the platform’s integrated functionality manages the motion in real time.

Independent Shuttle Control

Independent Shuttle Control empowers more cost-effective and space-saving designs:

  • avoid duplication of parallel stations
  • use offsets instead of duplicating tooling
  • reduce the size of buffers
  • optimize the use of every station and simplify your system

Use SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ as an asynchronous conveyor to reduce the cost and size of the final assembly machine.


As a magnetic conveyance platform, SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ delivers higher performance and leaner automation. SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ offers

  • high speeds
  • low settling times
  • rapid acceleration

to reduce cycle times and overall productivity.


Increased precision means leaner automation as it reduces:

  • the amount of stop and locate tooling
  • the required engineering effort
  • the burden on operations to maintain complex tooling

Use SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ high precision and low settling time to simplify the design and operations of the final assembly machine.


Carry up to 10kg per shuttle and is designed for ease of integration, use, and maintenance.

Carry up to 10kg per shuttle on top of the track, designed to provide better access to the assembled product.

Carry up to 8.5kg per shuttle, stainless-steel system designed for Grade A aseptic environments

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Integrated functionality reduces needed tooling and minimizes floorspace, while multiple configuration options allow you to fit your automation system into required spaces.

The systems asynchronous motion allows you to decrease the cost and complexity of your system by reducing the quantity of stations and tooling.

Thanks to high speeds, increased precision, and independent shuttle control, parts spend more time in process and less time in motion.

Modular track sections can easily be added or removed with little engineering effort. This allows manufacturers to align their automation to their business requirements.

The SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform offers independent shuttle control, higher speeds, lower settling times, and greater precision.

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