Scaling and Redeploying Automation

Adapting Your Automation

A common question we get is how our product creates a sustainable approach for manufacturing applications as they continue to grow and adapt. Thinking of conveyance as the foundation of your current – and future – automation system is critical for your future operations. Smart Conveyance offers a unique opportunity to keep businesses consistently profitable because it makes automation easy to scale and can adapt to product changes with minimal effort. Our customers are often seeking a scalable and re-deployable automation solution and they know that SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ offers the platform that enables it.

Scale or Redeploy Your Automation

When your product changes, can your manufacturing process change with it?

Redeployable automation is critical to remaining competitive in an ever-changing market. When products change, customer requirements increase in complexity, or companies need to scale – redeployable automation is the best solution for a long-term manufacturing strategy.

The How:


SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platforms are modular by design. Quickly add or remove 1-meter sections and easily reconfigure functionality with minimal programming using TrakMaster™ software. For example, engineers or system designers can quickly scale system programming by adding additional stations and processes utilizing target routing within TrakMaster™.

This high-performance capability is achieved with less effort because of the amount of integrated functionality packed into the platform. So, when a product has reached the end of its life cycle, it doesn’t mean your conveyance foundation has to, as well.

Make your ROI make sense by investing in conveyance solutions that can grow and adapt to your business.

Smart Conveyance simplifies automating and adapting to product changes for sustained profitability. SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ is great Scaling and Redeploying Automation.

Built for the needs of today’s manufacturers.

The SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform provides machine builders with a number of features to enable high performance automation with less risk.

Powered by linear servo motor technology, SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ allows independent shuttle control with fast and precise motion, providing automation designers with an incredible amount of flexibility to increase productivity and minimize space.

Is Conveyance Gating Your Growth? It Shouldn’t Be.

Watch the free on-demand webinar to learn how your choices in conveyance can improve your complete system design and allow assembly operations to scale more effectively.


Redeployability: The Secret to Adapting in Manufacturing Automation

Our GM, Simon Drexler, explains how the reconfigurable options of Supertrak CONVEYANCE™, and its independent shuttle control allow more flexibility in your production.

Do you think about conveyance in the early stages of system design? Here’s why you should!

Designers often overlook conveying ideas early on, leading to mistakes. Prioritizing conveyance in the design process is important to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Redeployability: The Secret to Adapting in Manufacturing Automation

Can your conveyance system adapt to product changes? Manufacturing demands grew amidst last year’s challenges. Adapting quickly is both a blessing and a difficulty.