About SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™

What We Believe

Motion is at the Foundation

More than 20 years ago, we began the development of the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform with one goal in mind – to help manufacturers build better automation.

When looking at a piece of automation, the conveyance platform impacts nearly every aspect of the system. From cycle times to station tooling, your conveyance platform impacts the design and performance more than any singular component of your automation equipment. This means it has a significant impact on your people, processes, and infrastructure.

Focusing on conveyance as a foundation transforms how an automation system is built. We believe that offering a solution with an unmatched combination of powerful features configured with intuitive and user-friendly software tools helps you to build better automation. And we want to show you how.

What You Can Expect

A Passion for Automation with Expertise in Conveyance

Our primary objective is to help our customers realize the value of Smart Conveyance to enable them to build and deploy higher performing automation.

Our team has been built to support our partners every step of the way. From concept to deployment, we have the knowledge, tools, and products to ensure your success.


The SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform provides a means to deploy high-performance automation with less risk and effort.

Our Experience

Our Success is Your Success

With over 20 years of experience deploying our Smart Conveyance platform, we’ve learned a thing or two. We continually strive to meet the goals and expectations of our customers, and openly share our experiences and insights to make your project as seamless as possible.


As a market leader in linear motion conveyance we’re never satisfied. Through continual development and testing, our team of engineers are dedicated to solving the unique manufacturing challenges our customers face every day. During every stage of development, customer feedback is top of mind as we strive to meet customer requirements and surpass quality standards.

Now in its third generation, the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform has been deployed globally in some of the most demanding automation applications. Our experience is reflected in every component of the platform as we continue to set the performance standard in the Smart Conveyance industry.

As we continue to innovate, our focus remains the same: develop high-performing conveyance solutions that help manufacturers increase throughput, reduce total operational costs, and adapt to changing business needs.


Our focus is the execution of customer requirements, ensuring that your system is delivered on-time and performs as expected. From sourcing the best components to ensuring your system is manufactured to the highest quality standard, we aim to bring our customers a product that exceeds expectations and allows you to meet your business goals.

Technical & Applications Support

We turn your concepts into reality. Once we understand your requirements, we work with you to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your current processes, and identify areas of opportunity to optimize your system and design. Utilizing detailed simulation, we work to balance your system’s performance and cost in order to obtain the best ROI possible.

After Market Support

Our clients are our partners. Once you’ve purchased a SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform our relationship doesn’t end. Whether you need on-site installation or remote technical support, we have a dedicated global network ready to support you. Ensuring the needs of our customers are met and ensure that their systems continue to run at peak performance is as important to us as it is to you.

From concept to deployment, we’re here to support you. Ready to start your automation project?

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SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ Development

Built by Machine Builders for Machine Builders.

Over twenty years ago, we recognized that manufacturers were struggling with the rising costs of automation. Our team of engineers identified that inefficient part transfers were contributing to unnecessary costs in their automation systems.

With one main goal in mind, to enable our customers to build better automation, our innovators set out to enable optimal process flows utilizing a higher performing conveyance. This led to the invention of the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform, which has been utilized globally in many different industries.

SuperTrak CONVEYANCE Timeline

The platform continues to see success in the marketplace, not only because of its industry leading features, but because of a deep understanding of what is important to the customer. Our team is comprised of machine builders who recognize that ease of use, minimal engineering, and the ability to easily redeploy, all contribute to the overall success of the system and business.

Now in its third generation, SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ has firmly established itself as an industry leader in Smart Conveyance. For us, market feedback and understanding is essential, so we are continuously learning about our customers and their unique requirements so that we can improve and expand our product offering.