SuperTrak PHARMA8™ is a magnetic conveyor designed for Grade A aseptic environments

SuperTrak PHARMA8™ is able to carry up to 8.5kg per shuttle. This stainless-steel asynchronous conveyor with easily cleanable surfaces enables wipe-down and vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) decontamination that will meet FDA and EMA requirements.

The independent shuttle control of SuperTrak PHARMA8™, combined with up to 30m/s² acceleration and +/-0.01mm repeatability, allows machine builders to reduce repetitive tooling and decrease the size of the isolator.

SuperTrak PHARMA8™ is the new standard for aseptic processing

Machine builders and manufacturers can design, develop, and deploy fill/finish automation solutions while reducing engineering complexities and risks without sacrificing performance.

Specifications, Components and Configuration

Designed to meet FDA and EMA requirements, SuperTrak PHARMA8™ has stainless steel outer surfaces and hermetic seals suitable for Grade A spaces and is ideal for life science and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Speed – up to 2.5 m/s

Improved speed and less time spent in motion.

Precision –   +/- 0.01 mm repeatability

Fewer add-ons needed, leading to shorter cycle times.

Independent Shuttle Control

Each shuttle’s properties can be controlled independently.

SuperTrak PHARMA8™ makes operations simpler.

This magnetic conveyor owes its proven reliability to its unique design, including limited moving parts and a shuttle that can be removed or replaced within 60s. Automation in aseptic environments can now be leaner thanks to SuperTrak PHARMA8™.

A Smaller Size for Aseptic Environments

  • Integrated functionalities enable more performance in a more compact machine
  • Index shuttles quickly to eliminate the number of tooling parts required
  • Increase throughput using the system’s repeatability to remove stopper cylinders and locate tooling

Integrated Functionality

The SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform is a Smart Conveyance technology that provides value by incorporating several features into one platform.

Integrated functionality means less complexity and less automation tooling, allowing for faster market time.

A sample of integrated functionality includes:

  • Collision Avoidance.
  • Target Routing.
  • Pre-stops.
  • Define regions for specific motion dynamics.

Industry Applications

Based on over 25 years’ experience deploying Smart Conveyance solutions, SuperTrak PHARMA8™ is setting the new standard for aseptic processing.

Popular applications include:

  • Fill and finish – precise batch control with easily cleanable surfaces for wipe down and vaporized hydrogen peroxide that will meet FDA isolator requirements.
  • Testing and development – useful for double barrel-injector applications where recirculation of parts is needed, or various batches are being run.


Simplify design & integration.

Use the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ integrated functionality to reduce complexity and risks.

Reduce machine size.

Reduce floor space and improve productivity using SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™.

TrakMaster Simulation

Medical & Pharmaceutical.

Simplify engineering and get to market faster using SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ products.

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