SuperTrak GEN3™

Develop high-performing automation with less risk.

The SuperTrak GEN3™ conveyance platform reduces engineering complexities making your automation easier to design, develop and deploy.

The platform enables effective system design by utilizing higher speeds, increased precision, and independent shuttle control, and integrated functionality attributed to Smart Conveyance. This results in higher performing automation at a lower cost.


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Overcome common manufacturing challenges related to:

  • Factory footprint
  • Scaling
  • Market uncertainty
  • Tight project timelines
  • Re-deployability

Specs, Components, and Configurations

Using integrated functionality and a combination of speed, precision, and independent shuttle control, machine builders can create high-performing automation with less risk.

The track’s modularity and configuration options enable you to meet changing business demands.

SuperTrak GEN 3 - 1200mm

High Performance – Less Risk

Integrated functionality, and a combination of

  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Independent shuttle control

Lowers engineering complexity while maintaining or improving the performance of your automation.

Improved Cycle Times & Throughput

  • Control the exact position, velocity, and acceleration of each shuttle.
  • Move between single-up and multi-up shuttle processing for faster station cycle times.
  • Index shuttles quickly to eliminate the number of tooling parts required.
  • Spend less time in motion and more time in the process with higher speeds, rapid acceleration, and low settling times.
  • Increase throughput using the system’s repeatability to remove stopper cylinders and locate tooling.
  • Decrease cycle times, spend less engineering time, and more on productive automation.
SuperTrak GEN3 platform

Reduced Footprint

SuperTrak’s™ integrated functionality offers more performance in a compact footprint.

Reduce engineering complexity with less tooling and achieve better performance with a smaller footprint.


The SuperTrak GEN3™ platform is extremely flexible, allowing manufacturers to scale their business, adapt to changing product life cycles, and solidify a positive ROI automation equation.

Reduced Maintenance & Downtime

SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platforms have minimal moving parts, which reduces scheduled maintenance. If unplanned downtime occurs, the track automatically recovers to the last position, requiring less operator skill to get the system back up and running quickly.

Integrated Functionality

The SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform is a Smart Conveyance technology that provides value by incorporating several features into one platform.

Integrated functionality means less complexity and tooling in the automation and allows for faster time to market.

A sample of integrated functionality includes:

  • Collision Avoidance
  • Target Routing
  • Pre-stops
  • Define regions for specific motion dynamics

Industry Applications

SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ has deployed systems across the globe spanning a variety of industries. From harsh, dirty environments to clean room applications, we have a conveyance solution that can evolve with your changing needs.

Popular applications include:

  • High-volume assembly
  • Cleanroom assembly
  • Multiple process steps
  • Multi-part lines

Medical Devices

Food & Beverage


Consumer Products


Growing Together

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Reducing Floorspace by 44%

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End-to-End Flexibility and Digital Control

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