SuperTrak GEN3™ Conveyance Platform

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Integrated Features

The SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform is a Smart Conveyance technology that provides value by incorporating a number of features into one platform, enabling a higher level of performance for your automation with less engineering and risk.

A sample of integrated features include:

  1. Collision avoidance – shuttles will automatically avoid contact. No additional programming is necessary.
  2. Target routing – set and release shuttles to destinations around the track without any additional management in the PLC.
  3. Pre-stops – set pre-stops where extra space for tooling or process is required.
  4. Define regions for specific motion dynamics – shuttles will move through the region with a specified velocity, acceleration, or jerk.

Contact the SuperTrak Team to learn more about additional integrated functionality.

Optimize Floor Space:

For manufacturers, optimizing floorspace while achieving performance requirements is a must. SuperTrak’s™ integrated functionality offers more performance in a compact footprint. By utilizing integrated functions, designers maybe able to eliminate redundant and complex tooling, reducing overall material costs.

Reduce Engineering Hours:

The level of functionality built into the track reduces the complexity of programming required by engineers. Comparable conveyance systems require greater levels of customization and management, which not only introduces more risks into the design and integration phase, but also increases the time it will take to get your system up and running.

Independent Shuttle Control

Independent shuttle control enables system design with asynchronous process flows. The ability to vary pitch, destination, and speed throughout the system drives maximum utilization of every component in the system.

Optimal Functionality & Flexible Process Flows

The SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform offers the ability to control the exact position, velocity and acceleration of each shuttle. Velocity and stop positions can be configured in the software anywhere, even on curves. This allows programmers to accomplish flexible processes by offering a means to move between single-up and multi-up shuttle processing to utilize overall station cycle times more effectively.


With high-speeds, quick acceleration and industry leading settling time, the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform offers maximum throughput.

Increase Productivity

Speeds of up to 4 m/s, rapid acceleration to 40 m/s2, and low settling times means there is less time in motion and more time in process, resulting in increased productivity. The platform also allows you to index shuttles quickly so one piece of tooling can work on multiple parts rather than one piece of tooling for every part on a shuttle.


Utilizing tight repeatability in combination with speed and acceleration, the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform drives the consistency of processes not possible with alternative conveyance options.

Reduce Cycle Time:

Take advantage of the system’s repeatability (+/-0.01 mm) to remove stopper cylinders and locate tooling,  resulting in decreased cycle times, less engineering, and more productive automation.

Smaller Footprint:

By having precise and flexible motion options, engineers can often remove tooling, buffer areas for shuttles, or redundant multi-up stations to obtain better performance in a smaller footprint.

An Engineers Guide To Designing Automation with Smart Conveyance

Automation Can Be Complex. Smart Conveyance Doesn’t Have to Be.

When it comes to Smart Conveyance, the upfront cost can definitely be higher than other forms of conveyance, but the value introduced by utilizing the functionality can lower the overall costs by:

  • Simplifying tooling requirements
  • Saving engineering time
  • Reducing integration complexity
  • Offering higher levels of performance

Smart Conveyance can bring significant benefits to automation design and performance.

This guide will walk you through the process of:

  • Identifying key project requirements
  • The right kinds of applications for Smart Conveyance
  • Configuration options
  • Conceptualization and simulations of your system
  • How to take advantage of key features in design and integration



Industry Solutions

Modern manufacturing requires productivity and the ability to adapt to changing markets.
SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ has deployed systems across the globe spanning a variety of industries. From harsh, dirty environments to clean room applications, we have a conveyance solution that can evolve with your changing needs.

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SuperTrak GEN3™ – Configuration Options

See the newest edition to the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ configuration portfolio: the 90 Degree. This configuration provides you with another option as you seek to maximize functionality while minimizing space.

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SuperTrak GEN3™ Conveyance Platform – System Overview

With the ability to operate at variable speeds along the entire line, the SuperTrak GEN3™ gives you complete control over every movement. Learn more about SuperTrak CONVEYANCE ™ enables high-performance automation with less risk.

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SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ - Features & Applications

Real-life manufacturing applications highlight how the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform allows engineers and manufacturers the ability to overcome common manufacturing challenges related to factory footprint, scaling, market uncertainty, tight project timelines and re-deployability.

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