Modular Automation

Expand and Adapt as Business Requirements Change

Utilizing modularity in automation design breaks down a system into smaller, interchangeable sections to allow for easy scaling in line with custom requirements. You could be looking to start manufacturing a new product, but you don’t know market demand. You may be looking to start small but will need to scale quickly.

Using modular automation gives you the flexibility to adapt your process as customer demands increase, decrease, or change altogether.

When you need to maintain uptime but also adapt your process to changing customer demands, modular automation allows you to do both.

Engineers and designers can quickly scale their conveyance with minimal system programming to accommodate additional track sections, stations, and processes utilizing target routing within our TrakMaster™ software. All of this high-performance capability is achieved with less effort because of the amount of integrated functionality that’s packed into the platform.

Configurations with SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ Modular Automation

Diverse system configurations are required to meet the unique needs of today’s factory automation applications. Our team of machine builders are consistently adding new configuration options to our SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform to fit your application needs. Build the exact system you need!


SuperTrak™ is a modular conveyance platform by design. Quickly add or remove 1 metre sections and easily reconfigure the functionality in the included TrakMaster™ software to get your lines up and running quickly and efficiently.

Download the SuperTrak GEN3™ CAD to Start Designing

Start designing your system with SuperTrak GEN3™ to discover the benefits of Smart Conveyance and modular automation.

By thinking of your conveyance early in the design phase, you can fundamentally change the way you build your system, reducing complexities and creating high-performance automation with less risk.

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TrakMaster™ Software

Unlike other conveyance platforms, TrakMaster™ was designed and built with the intent to reduce engineering and integration hours, offering machine builders and manufacturers a faster path to production.

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Do you think about conveyance in the early stages of system design? Here's why you should!

Did you know that 85% of designers don’t consider their conveyance platform – or how they are going to move a part from station to station – during the first phases of their design process?

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Redeployability: The Secret to Adapting in Manufacturing

Watch our SuperTrak CONVEYANCE ™ GM, Simon Drexler, explain the reconfiguration options of Supertrak CONVEYANCE™ and how its independent shuttle control allows for more flexibility in your production system.

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