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Watch Reuters’ FREE webinar “Addressing the Battery Challenge” on-demand as we discuss the complex game of EV battery module packs and automotive battery assembly systems. Watch this Free webinar to learn why many battery projects fail, where the EV battery market is going and why it is crucial to choose your partner now to ensure your future success.  

In this discussion we delve into:

  • How companies can be prepared to produce a quality battery, from cell, module, to pack, within months.
  • How applying continuous process improvements that leverage data monitoring and analytics improves quality control and throughput.
  • How the relationship between OEM, supplier, and manufacturer is a crucial element for success. ​​​​​

Watch “Addressing the Battery Challenges” Webinar Now

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There are a lot of determining factors in designing a modular battery assembly line. Automotive companies have to manage rapid design changes, retooling costs, and CapEx expenses. ATS Industrial Automation has 20 years of experience delivering and installing close to 70 battery assembly and battery testing lines.

ATS Industrial Automation is the partner to support your next EV battery assembly. We help streamline complicated processes, such as batter tab formation, battery stack formation, and address project teams’ concerns. Learn how we helped GM by reading our success story here

ATS Industrial delivers on time and to budget. Let us partner with you to reach your goals. Discuss your custom automation needs today; book a meeting now.


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