SuperTrak MICRO™

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SuperTrak MICRO™ is designed to enable smaller more efficient automation.

The platform also offers unique merge and divert capabilities with tighter shuttle to shuttle pitch, solving issues associated with small batch or single piece part flows.

With payloads of up to 1.5 kg and part spacing as low as 50 mm, SuperTrak MICRO™ is an ideal platform for small part assembly and processing.

Find the specs of the SuperTrak MICRO™ conveyance platform here and learn more about how the smart conveyance system works.

SuperTrak MICRO™ Specifications

Straight Section


Curved Track Section

45, 90, 135, 180°

Product Fixture Width

50 -155mm

Maximum Speed

4 m/s


1.5 G with 1.5 kg payload*

5G with 0.25 kg payload*


1.5 kg for a 50mm shuttle and 3 kg for a 100mm shuttle

Process on Curve

Full control

Shuttle Options

Standard shuttle configuration with 50 or 100mm magnet array options


*Higher payloads and other protocols possible. Speak to a member of the SuperTrak Team for more info.

SuperTrak MICRO ™ Components

SuperTrak MICRO ™ Configuration Options

For production that requires a high degree of customization or high variability, SuperTrak MICRO™ offers a variety of configuration options to suit the needs of the application. Interconnected tracks provide multiple work areas to accommodate various parts of the process that may otherwise require separate automation cells.


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Whether you’re creating 1 million batches of 1 or 1 batch of 1 million, we can help.


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