What is Factory Automation

Factory automation can be defined as the implementation of robotics, actuation, and controls into a manufacturing process to improve production efficiency.

Factory automation systems can take a variety of forms and be implemented at different phases of the production cycle.


Why manufacturers automate

Generally, factory automation is introduced when a business requires a level of production that can no longer be efficiently managed by human workers. 

Some advantages of automation include:

  • Perform tasks that are unsafe for humans using factory robots. 
  • Perform monotonous or repetitive tasks that are otherwise hard to fill with human labour.
  • Quickly scale your business when high volume output is required. 
  • Maintain consistent levels of quality
  • High degree of repeatability and consistency.
  • A reduced cost in automation technology and increased capability vs rising costs in human labour.
  • Reduce carbon footprint and shipping timelines by bringing production closer to the customer.
  • More production capacity in a smaller factory footprint.

Factory Automation Examples

Problem: A leading medical device manufacturer in North America, was prompted to examine their processes when an influx in product demand could no longer be accommodated by their current automation cells. To invest in new automation the customer needed to identify  ROI and increasing output capacity without increasing their footprint. 

Solution: By integrating the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE platform into the foundation of the automation cell, the customer was able to take advantage of the high-speeds, independent shuttle control, and other integrated functionality to remove redundant stations and tooling. This resulted in higher throughputs in a smaller amount of space. With this, the customer saw an improved OEE and was able to accomplish their goal of an improved ROI of the automation process. Read the full case study here.


Factory automation with SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™

SuperTrak CONVEYANCE is an automation platform that provides higher levels of performance and productivity than traditional factory conveyance options. SuperTrak CONVEYANCE is powered by linear motor technology using a moving magnet shuttle system to enable independent shuttle control with speed and precision.  With that asynchronous capability and integrated functionality  (shuttle routing, pre-stops, position triggers, collision avoidance, and much more) SuperTrak CONVEYANCE is the option to deliver high-performance automation in a smaller footprint.


See Automation In Action

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Benefits of Automation

Factory automation can be an efficient way to scale and solve many of the challenges manufacturers face in relation to space, cost, and quality.

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