Agile Manufacturing & Production

Agile manufacturing is a modern strategy used by manufacturers to respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of customers and market demand. Agile manufacturing enables companies to change and adapt productively to various factors in the market.

Factors that enable you to become an agile manufacturer:

  • Modular and Customer-focused Product Design
  • Information Technology
  • Corporate Partners

Advances in technology, like the rise of machine intelligence platforms, and data collection have allowed manufacturers to adapt their processes and reap the benefits of agile production. Collecting and using the wealth of data available to you through platforms like our TrakMaster™ software, and then sharing that data across all sections of your business illuminate areas that once relied on guesswork.

Data-driven decision-making allows your business a laser-like focus on those elements that bring direct value to you and your customers, even as those areas of value change. This approach works best where a rapid response to customer demand and can set you apart from your competitors.

Advantages of an agile manufacturing system:

  • Improve productivity across the entire organization
  • Improve customer satisfaction with products
  • Adapt quickly to changing market conditions

Best agile manufacturing practices:

  • Highly skilled work-force
  • Reduce unnecessary process steps by utilizing Design for Manufacturing (DTM) and Design for Assembly (DTA) practices
  • Flexibility in production
  • Communication and information infrastructure that contributes to close collaboration
  • Connecting production teams, designers, marketers, and customer service

Agile is a mode of operation that touches all areas of the business (sales, marketing, design, engineering, etc.) and is the next step in the evolution of manufacturing methodologies. Driven by the robustness of data available, the capabilities of today’s technology, and the market conditions in which we operate.

Ready to get Agile?

Watch the Go Beyond Lean Get Agile webinar to learn more about Agile Manufacturing hosted by SuperTrak™ GM, Simon Drexler.

Go Beyond Lean. Get Agile.

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