Acting as the foundation of your automation processes, smart technologies such as SuperTrak GEN3™, enable high-performance with less risk. TrakMaster™ software is the user interface that provides access to SuperTrak’s powerful features such as:

  • Process Simulation
  • Integrated Functionality
  • Performance Optimization
  • Diagnostic Insight

TrakMaster™ software enables smart conveyance and world-leading automation.
Unlike other conveyance platforms, TrakMaster™ was designed and built with the intent to reduce engineering and integration hours offering manufacturers a faster path to production with less risk.

TrakMaster™ software is a complete solution that offers:

  • Enhanced Simulations
  • High-Performance Configurations
  • Detailed Diagnostic Tools

The easy to use software empowers a PLC interface to control SuperTrak’s high-performance capability with less engineering and therefore less risk.


TrakMaster™ enables better designs.

Simulation is the connection between conceptualization and design. TrakMaster’s simulations provide ways to optimize processes, evaluate performance requirements, and minimize expected energy consumption.

The simulation software in TrakMaster features:

  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Performance optimization tools
  • Power and thermal modeling


TrakMaster™ enables high performance.

Access and configure the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platform’s integrated functionality to remove risk and engineering time by utilizing tested and proven capability.

Configure in TrakMaster:
TrakMaster Configurations


TrakMaster™  enables better machine interaction.

Diagnostic Tools provide valuable insight for fault handling and recovery, system status, and highlights station metrics (cycle time, shuttle transfer, etc.) for optimization and improved OEE.

TrakMaster™ diagnostics include:

  • Fault description and troubleshooting guide
  • Power and thermal monitoring
  • Oscilloscope for signal tracking


TrakMaster™ enables high performance with simple control.

PLC function blocks provide an intuitive interface to control shuttle motion, access data, and set parameters. This removes significant time from programming and integration and allows you to get up and running quickly.

TrakMaster™ software provides access to SuperTrak CONVEYANCE’S™ control interface:

  • Intuitive function blocks
  • Release and forget shuttle routing
  • Set motion parameters
  • Fault handling


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TrakMaster Simulation Demonstration