Reconfigurable Automation to Meet Changing Market Demands

In manufacturing, the life sciences market is very dynamic and requires reliable, high-speed, and adaptable automation that keeps up with product demand without compromising on quality.

When assembling medical devices or diagnostic products, our life science customers rely on our expertise to help them solve complex automation assembly challenges that are typically characterized by tight tolerances, no-touch zone, the need for low particulate generation, and superior quality control.

Life science manufacturers can typically be defined as having the need to produce low-cost parts at a high volume; making the SuperTrak Conveyance™ platform the ideal solution to meet your business demands.

There are 8 key ways that the SuperTrak Conveyance™ platform can enable efficiencies within your automation:

    1. Operational efficiencies for an improved OEE.

    2. Improved production yields to satisfy market demands.

    3. Adaptable and expandable to scale your operations as needed.

    4. Long life with low maintenance to decreases downtime and improve system availability.

    5. Gentle product handling for fragile or poorly contained products.

    6. Clean operation for Class 1,000 (ISO-6).

    7. Quiet operation to limit noise exposure and improve communication amongst operators.

    8. Reduced floor space enabled by built-in mechanical and software features.

Case Study: How one medical manufacturer increased production while reducing footprint