Case Study: How One Company Achieved End-to-End Flexibility and Digital Control

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How one engineering company obtained the end-to-end flexibility and digital control they needed by switching their intelligent conveyance platform.

End to end flexibility using SuperTrakSpeed, flexibility, control – elements most engineers working in automation strive to achieve but don’t always obtain the first time around.  

This was the case with  Transformix Engineering when we started working with them. Transformix is best known for their platform. This platform consists of a series of plug-and-play modules that offer standard, multi-purpose, and reconfigurable assets. 

When launching the newest iteration of their platform, Transformix undertook a top-to-bottom reassessment of their platform’s architecture. They wanted to make sure they had the best technology to support their initiative. 


“Intelligent conveyance is essential to the end-to-end flexibility and digital control we offer,” explained Peng-Sang Cau, Transformix’s CEO. “But our original conveyor selection was based more on expedience and not on a thorough investigation of alternatives.” 


Their Challenge: 

The conveyance platform being used with the initial cell presented challenges with high settling times, over-heating, and required frequent preventative maintenance. A company whose culture is deeply rooted in creativity, inventiveness, and boldness, Transformix sought to develop a technology that would redefine automated assembly. Knowing that choosing the right smart conveyance platform would be essential to achieving the end-to-end flexibility and digital control they soughtTransformix began to seek alternative conveyance platforms. 


SuperTrak Case Study Download


Download the full case study to see how we worked together to find the correct smart conveyance platform helped Transformix overcome their challenges and launch a groundbreaking technology that eliminates non-value-added losses and yields high-performance systems.





Facing a similar challenge? Get in touch with us and let’s explore your options together.  



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